Cable de extensión del panel solar cableado de paneles solares en paralelo

Cable de extensión del panel solar
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* Poliolefina reticulada con aislamiento doble

* 20 años de experiencia en producción de cable solar
* Conducción estable y costos de mantenimiento reducidos
* Vida útil prevista: 25 años al aire libre
* RoHS y CE y TÜV (EN50618 H1Z2Z2-K)
* Muestra gratis disponible, contáctenos ahora
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SYSOLAR® is a leading international manufacturer of Solar panel extension cable, Our headquarters in China and warehouses in the USA and Germany.With more than 20 years of experience in the field of solar cable. Size from 1.5mm2 to 240mm2.We have adequate solutions to wiring photovoltaic solar systems to meet your need and guarantee the long-term operation of solar systems.

  •     *Double-insulated,Insulation cross-linked Polyolefin
  •     *20Years of Production Experience In Solar Cable
  •     *Stable conduction and reduced maintenance costs
  •     *Anticipate service life -25 years outdoors
  •     *RoHS and CE & TÜV(EN50618 H1Z2Z2-K)
  •     *Free Sample is available,Contact us now

    Specification Of Solar panel extension cable

Solar panel extension cable
Solar panel extension cableConductorTinned fine Re copper strands,according to VDE0295/IEC60228.Class5
InsulationPolyolefin Copolymer electron-beam cross-linked
Sheath JacketPolyolefin Copolymer electron-beam cross-linked
Nominal VoltageUo/U=600V/1000VAC,1000/1800VDC
Test voltage6500V,50Hz,5Min
Temperature Rating-40oC-125oC, More Than 25 Years (TUV)
Fire PerformanceIEO 60332-1
Smoke EmissionIEC61034,EN 50268-2
Low Fire Load DIN 51 900
CertificationTUV 2PFG 1169/08.2007 PVI-F

    Dimensions Of Solar panel extension cable
      The size from 1.5mm2 to 120mm2.

ConstructionConductor ConstructionConductor OuterResistance MaxCurrent Carring Capacity

      SYSOLAR obtains TUV,CE,RoHS and other cable

    Production Processes of Solar panel extension cable
      The factory production process in line with ISO standards, the whole quality cable

    Packing For Shipment
      Multiple packaging methods, suitable for different transport cable

 solar cable 6mm

    Contact us now, Free sample is available.

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